Our Principle

Geofidel Institute operates in different countries of the world and we recognize the rule of law within these jurisdictions and support appropriate internationally accepted standards.

These business principles reach beyond our legal obligations and establish our relationship with the society. Our business principles apply to all Geofidel companies, directors and employees.



We are driven by passion to achieve superior results for our customers through exceptional service delivery and we recognize that our clients’ success depend upon our innovative and much-too-rare faculty and excellent service delivery.

Geofidel team will strive to understand and respond to our clients’ needs, develop and introduce only those programs that impact hugely on our clients and most likely to meet their respective needs and enhance clients’ value to their organisations.

In making introductions, we are committed to rewarding our clients’ trust through the highest achievable professional and ethical standards. However, we will endeavor to match participants’ needs and objectives with those of ours, while respecting our obligation of confidentiality to our customers.



We expect our staff to communicate transparently and honestly with our clients, delegates, business partners, governmental and regulatory bodies, within the legal framework of privacy and confidentiality.

Personal conduct

All our clients are expected to act with honesty, integrity and fairness. The offer or acceptance of any form of bribery is prohibited, including all forms of fraudulent acts. Hospitality, gifts and improper offers or payments that seek to induce or reward improper performance or might appear to place any person under an obligation are prohibited. All Geofidel organisations and clients will adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards in business dealings throughout the countries, where Geofidel is present. Conflicts of interest that interfere with proper performance or independent judgment are prohibited.


We are open


We have an attitude of awareness and looking ahead. We are attuned to the others.

We are energetic and flexible. We constantly re-adapt and optimize our approaches to our clients and to the markets.

Our management style and our general approach favours informality over formality and pragmatism over theory. Overall, we use evidence-based approach to deliver optimum gains.

We are Enthusiastic

We value the desire and capacity to take risks and explore new, different paths. For us this also implies the ability to endure and overcome failure.

We are people-oriented, so we are passionate about creating valuable relationships with everyone we work with. Our enthusiasm compels us to find the right person and the right HR solutions, believing that this is fundamental to improving their life and work.

Appetite for challenge:
Characterized by the optimistic, enthusiastic and almost physical desire to grow and take the lead. As a result of our commitment and our organization, we constantly try to anticipate and to exceed our clients’ expectations in order to provide them with top quality services.

We are Human

Our approach emphasizes dialogue, transparency and teamwork.



We pay attention to the safety of people and acts pro-socially and is environmentally friendly.


Respectful of human worth:

We consider human worth to be a company’s top priority.
In order to respect this, we act with humility, objectivity and generosity regardless of our differences.