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  • Attend The Global Leadership Masterclass And Ceremony For The Award Of Honorary Doctorate Degree, Accra-Ghana, October, 2023

    • 25,Aug 2023
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    Greetings to the extraordinary minds and remarkable leaders of today and tomorrow! We are thrilled to share news of an unparalleled opportunity that awaits you – the Global Leadership and Management Summit, a gathering that promises to ignite inspiration, innovation, and transformation.

    An Invitation to Greatness

    For those of you who have received the honor of a nomination, congratulations are in order! Your exceptional leadership journey has not gone unnoticed. Whether you are a visionary Chief Executive, a dedicated public administrator, a top-tier manager, or a trailblazing parliamentarian from the African continent, the spotlight is on you. The Geofidel Institute for Leadership and Management in Accra, Ghana, in collaboration with the prestigious Harvard Business School in the USA, has recognized your accomplishments and is extending a hand of recognition and learning.

    Event at a Glance

    • Date: October 23rd – 27th, 2023 (Arrival: 23rd October; Departure: 27th October)
    • Venue: Tomreik Hotel, East Legon, Accra-Ghana, West Africa
    Imagine an event that brings together not just the best, but the exceptional. This Summit combines the power of a high-level Leadership Masterclass – a joint effort by Geofidel Institute and Harvard Business School – to elevate the art and science of leadership and management across Africa. Research, education, and accolades come together to create a platform that not only recognizes your journey but propels it forward.

    Your Journey to Accra Starts Here

    For those nominated, your invitation to this Summit is an affirmation of your journey, a testament to your achievements in various leadership and management roles that have shaped your career. And for those who are stumbling upon this post, we invite you to consider your own path to greatness. Every journey begins with a step – and this step could be your participation in the Summit.

    Unlocking Possibilities

    The Summit is designed to be a hub of exchange – of ideas, experiences, and relationships. It’s where leaders, trailblazers, and pioneers converge to learn from each other, share experiences that have molded their leadership, and forge connections that could redefine the future. Moreover, it’s a stage to honor those who have made indelible marks on their chosen paths.

    A Glimpse of What Awaits

    The journey of participation brings with it a host of benefits:
    • Luxurious accommodation spanning four nights
    • Masterclass training materials that hold the essence of leadership wisdom
    • Eye-opening learning and study tours
    • A chance to be honored with awards and certificates
    • The regal touch of an academic gown, a symbol of your commitment to excellence

    Seize the Moment

    To those nominated, your acceptance is the key that unlocks this exceptional experience. Respond with enthusiasm to secure your place at the leadership masterclass. Share your journey through your profile and CV, and let your portrait become a part of the event’s narrative.

    For Nominees and Potential Nominators

    If you’ve received this nomination, you’re already on a path to greatness. But consider this – do you know someone in your network whose contributions have rewritten the norms of their field? Someone whose passion, empathy, and integrity shine through? Nominate them and set the wheels of recognition in motion. Just a response away, your nomination could be their moment to shine.

    All Roads Lead to Accra

    Travel logistics, safety, and communication are at the core of our preparations. Your seamless experience is our priority, and that’s why we urge all participants to complete their registration within the stipulated timeframe.

    Connect with Us

    For queries, information, or clarifications, connect with:
    • Mike Ampeh (Director of Program, Ghana) – +233240695791
    • Mustafa Kamal Topcu (Faculty Dean) – +905327065537
    • Email:
    We are excited to embark on this journey of inspiration and empowerment with you. Let’s converge at the Leadership and Management Summit in Accra, Ghana, and create ripples of change that extend far beyond. Whether you’re a nominee or someone who’s found this post, greatness beckons – and it starts here.

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